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Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, incorporated in Singapore, and Greatwall Drilling Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CNPC”), incorporated in Beijing, China, decided to establish a well manufacturing joint venture.  Through the joint venture being operated by 50% CNPC and 50% Shell partnership, it is intended that such an organisation could provide all necessary well manufacturing services for unconventional oil and gas exploration and development onshore projects. The scope of services of joint venture are included, but not limited to services of drilling, completions and workovers, directional drilling, cementing, and fracturing for unconventional oil and gas well projects; supply and trading services for above-mentioned projects; technical consulting and; technology research and development. On February 9th, 2012, such joint venture was registered in the Republic of Singapore and named as Sirius Well Manufacturing Services Pte. Ltd. (SWMS). SWMS has successfully set up its subsidiaries globally, with main targeted operations in countries, namely Australia, Canada and China.


Shell and CNPC have been very successful as petroleum companies in their respective areas and business. However, as a new but dominant business, unconventional resource development is projected to overwhelm the petroleum industry in the next century. It has become a very hot topic in the industry as to how to efficiently reduce the cost of exploring these unconventional oil and gas resources. As a driver to deliver and combine the low cost, high efficiency, top in class HSSE/QA/QC management, high tech and innovative well delivery with the focus on the unconventional resources, the foresight senior management of two companies vision the development of a new company, by leveraging two shareholder’s advantages to unlock the new century’s more promising resources. The objectives of SWMS are to engage effectively, responsibly and profitably as an integrated service provider in the unconventional oil and gas industry. SWMS seeks to maintain a high standard of performance through unique capabilities and innovative ways of working and aims to maintain a long term position in its competitive environment. SWMS aims to work with operators to challenge existing industry paradigms, and to become the world's leading integrated well-manufacturing services company for oil and gas development by developing industry-leading well-manufacturing services capabilities; delivering demonstrable value-add to customers; and best-in-class operational safety and performance.


Our enterprise culture are the foundations of all the work that we do and it drives the behavior expected of every employee. It is the duty of management to continuously assess the priorities and discharge these inseparable responsibilities on the basis of that assessment. We recognise five key areas of responsibility. 

1. To shareholders: We strive to protect their investment and provide an acceptable return.

2. To customers: We aim to win and maintain customers by developing and providing services that offer value in terms of price, quality, and safety.

3. To employees: We want to provide them with good, safe, secure, diverse and inclusive working conditions, where we use their best talents and develop their skills.

4. To those with whom we do business with: We seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures and to promote the application of our or equivalent business principles.

5. To society: We want to conduct business as a responsible corporate member of society; observe the laws of the countries in which we operate; comply with applicable laws and regulations; and to have proper regard for health, safety, security and the environment.